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Part boarding is also called "share" boarding ,"co" boarding, "part" leasing..........


For a monthly fee you are entitled to ride a certain number of days every week.  You share the riding responsibility with the horse owner or another part boarder.  It is like owning your own horse "part time" but without the responsibility and long term commitment.


Part boarding is an excellent "next step" after a riding school and before buying your own horse.  It gives you a chance to ride the same horse all the time and build a relationship.  You will also be able to experience different things with your horse like clinics and horse shows.

Part boarding is also great for adults.  Riding school barns tend to have a lot of young people.  They can be busy and not personal.  Generally it is difficult to find "adult" lessons.  Adults learning to ride like predictability and personal attention.  Part boarding allows you to ride the same horse every time and use the same equipment.  Our barn is small and quiet.  Our riding instructor is an adult with years of experience teaching with patience and understanding.


Part boarding is also ideal for riders still learning and growing.  As your riding develops you will find that you may have outgrown what your horse can offer you very  quickly. Part boarding allows you to move to a more sophisticated horse as your riding skills improve.  With horse ownership this can be difficult.  The "horse market" is unpredictable and sometimes horses take some time and expense to sell.  There is also the emotional aspect of selling your horse. Buying a horse can be risky.  There are countless sad stories of people who buy a horse only to find out it’s not suitable or healthy and end up losing their investment.  It can be frustrating and costly.


At Dunbordin we have a number of privately owned horses for part board.  Why would someone want to part board out their horse?  What's in it for the horse owner?  With today's economy part boarding is becoming popular.  Many horse owners are finding the increasing cost of maintaining a horse a strain on their budget.  Having a part boarder allows you to keep you much loved pet and share the cost.  Some horse owners find a change in their life, like having a child, means they have less time to devote to their horse.  Horses need to be exercised on a regular basis to be happy and healthy.  Part boarding can be a "win win" situation.


The horses at Dunbordin are NOT school horses and never have been.  They are ridden once a day with days off during the week.  Some riding schools offer part boarding but these horses will have been ridden multiple times during the day.  You know if you are told your riding time is Tuesday at 7 pm and only at 7 pm and only for 1 hour that your horse has been ridden several times and is only available for you at this time slot.  Horses ridden several times a day can be tired and sour.


We offer part boarding as little as one day a week.  We will arrange a day that works for you and the horse owner.  This is your day EVERY week.  You can ride by yourself, go for a hack or book a lesson!  We do require that you only jump during lessons.  You can ride at any time during that day during regular barn hours.  If you cant make it let us know at least 24 hrs in advance and we will do our best to arrange another day for you.

Are there any additional charges? Some owners/facilities charge a monthly fee and then ask you for a portion of the farrier and vet bills.  Perhaps their monthly fee is lower but the additional cost are unpredictable.  At Dunbordin there are NO extra monthly costs except the lessons you take or the activities you chose to do.


What is the commitment?  Some owners/facilities will require you to commit to the part boarding for a show season or a year long term.  At Dunbordin we require you to sign a waiver and agree to give us a calendar months notice to change or cancel you part board arrangement with us.


Why are lessons not included in the fee?  Some facilities charge you a flat fee for the part board and the lessons.  At Dunbordin we want you to get the best value for your money.  When a facilities charges you a "lesson" included fee there is not incentive for them to provide you with the lessons or make sure they are good quality.  Often the lessons are group schools with rider of different levels.  Perhaps the lessons are offered at a time that is not convenient to you. If you are sick and you cant make your lesson then you have no lesson that week but paid anyway.  Or maybe the coach is sick, away or at a show. NO coach No lesson but you still paid.  At Dunbordin you arrange the lessons at your convenience as often as you like.  If you are away or the coach is away and you don’t have a lesson you don’t pay. If you want a private then you can arrange it.  Perhaps you want to school with a friend!  You have the control of what you get.


Why is part boarding at Dunbordin different?  At Dunbordin we have years of experience part boarding horses.  We have all the "kinks" worked out so ensure the experience is rewarding for you and satisfying for the owner.  Some private individuals offering their horses for part board allow their emotions to dictate the course of the arrangement. For the part boarding this can sometimes be frustrating and lead to conflicts.


Is the horse insured?  This is an important question to ask the owner.  What happens if the horse is hurt while you ride it?  Are you responsible?  What happens if you get hurt riding the horse?  Is their insurance to cover an accident?  At Dunbordin Farms all owners of part boarded horses are required to have insurance and sign a waiver.  All riders are required to be OEF members which provides them with their own personal injury insurance.


What about equipment?  At Dunbordin we require you have a certified helmet and proper footwear.  We supply the rest!  Even brushes and a clean saddle pad each time!  Show riders are required to provide their own show supplies ie show sheen, shampoo, braiding stuff, coolers, wraps etc.  We recommend riders committed to the sport to consider getting their own saddle at some point.



Your own instructor is welcome at Dunbordin, upon approval of management.

Proof of $2M instructors liability will be required.

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